Our Tenants

Olive and Oil Industries was established in Tasmania in the early 1980's.

Attilio and Vera Minnucci realised a long term goal with the first commercial virgin olive oil produced and sold in 1997.

GREEN GOLD is a virgin olive oil produced from Tasmania olives at Tasmanian's first oil mill situated at Huonville in the state's south.

GREEN GOLD is produced by using the ancient method of COLD PRESS, no heat or hot water is applied to the olives during the process resulting in a "true to label product".

Attilio and Vera Minnucci were the catalyst for the ever growing Tasmanian industry.

After many years of advocating the ideal Tasmanian conditions with little public support, an olive grove was established on their property at Huonville.

Through their tireless work and selfless assistance to all those interested in olives and olive oil, many Tasmanian properties now grow at least some oil trees.